Your spinal joints often lose movement and the main component is that a joint becomes dysfunctional in its NORMAL range of movement.Chiropractic is an integral part of the holistic approach in animal health care.

A common misconception is that chiropractors put bones back into place when they become out of place. What we really do as a chiropractor is to manipulate the bones to RESTORE motion and function to these joints in order to influence the nervous system.

Chiropractic uses various non-invasive techniques including posture and gait analysis, static and motion palpation, flexibility tests and pain challenges to assess and identify areas of joint dysfunction, which can often be the source of the problem. The animal chiropractor treats the fixated joint using an ADJUSTMENT. An adjustment is defined as a very specific, short lever, high velocity controlled thrust by hand. It is a very safe and comfortable procedure when done by a professionally qualified practitioner and unlike some other non specific manipulation methods does not overstretch ligaments.

How do you know if your animal needs chiropractic

Unfortunately, you don’t always know! The only way to really find out if your animal’s spine is healthy is to have them examined by a certified animal chiropractor. The animal may display no physical signs, just like in us there are many cases when we are unaware of underlying problems for example cancer, heart disease, or simple low back pain, until its too late, and the same applies for the animal.

Chiropractic treatment have help prevent potential problems 

Most of us have regular check ups with our dentist, optician, doctor and chiropractor as a means of PREVENTION. The same should apply to our animals. Many of us have our horses and dogs teeth checked and feet trimmed on a regular basis, so why do we not have their spine and joints checked. They are dependent on their spine and joints for everyday activities and performance. In addition we add a saddle and our own body weight and then expect them to perform jumps, canter sideways or walk backwards! Chiropractic helps ensure that all the joints of the body especially the spinal column are functioning correctly and therefore not placing  abnormal stress or interference on the nerves that exit the spine, which in turn could cause abnormal function of the organs to which these nerves supply.

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