If you experience pain during these exercises stop and seek advice from your chiropractor at KiropraktorCentrum.


Simply sit on the ball, keep hands on thighs and react to the ball’s movement with your pelvis. Look straight ahead.

Seated Leg Lift

Sit on the ball, lift one leg off the ground, return leg to the ground and repeat with other leg. Keep arms by your side or across lap. Look straight ahead.

Seated March

Sit on the ball and lift your alternate arm and leg in a marching fashion slowly. Look straight ahead.

Straight Leg Lifts

Sit on the ball and lift one leg off ground, straighten out your leg. Hold your leg in the air whilst maintaining your balance on the ball. Repeat with other leg. Look straight ahead.

Inner Thigh

Lie on your back and grip the ball between your legs. Squeeze the ball between your legs, hold 5-10 seconds.

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