Stability Training can help improve fitness, balance, coordination, posture and muscle tone. Due to the nature of stability training some exercises may not be suitable for certain people. If you are unsure of which exercises are suitable for you, please contact your chiropractor at KiropraktorCentrum.

Isometric Shoulder Exercises
Hold each exercise for 10 seconds at sub-maximal force (30% of maximal contraction). Build up number of repetitions from 5–20.

The following exercises are designed to enable you to strengthen the muscles of the stomach and back promoting spinal stability and preventing back pain. You do not require a gym ball for these exercises thus you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

Throughout each exercise try to contract the abdominal/stomach muscles by gently pulling the lower stomach towards your back/spine. Do not pull so hard that it is difficult to breath it should only equal 10-15% of a full muscle contraction (only 10-15% of the hardest you can pull the stomach in).

For each exercise there is a recommended duration and number of repetitions. However you can make many variations on this for example you could repeat the exercise 3-20 times or make it harder by holding the position for longer.

If you experience pain during these exercises stop and seek advice from your chiropractor at KiropraktorCentrum.