Isometric Shoulder Exercises
Hold each exercise for 10 seconds at sub-maximal force (30% of maximal contraction). Build up number of repetitions from 5–20.


Place back of hand against wall, elbow straight, and push straight out.

External Rotation

Arm at 90 degrees and elbow close to body, push outwards towards wall.

Internal Rotation

Arm at 90 degrees with elbow close to body, push inwards towards wall.

Shoulder Theraband Exercises
Home exercises for the shoulder can be achieved simply with the use of a Theraband. You can tie a knot in the Theraband and hook it under a closed door, tie it around door handle or use your feet as anchorage.

Each movement should be performed slowly with emphasis on control at the shoulder, hold at the end point for 2-5 seconds before slowly reversing. Gradually increase the repetitions. Perform on both sides.


Hold the Theraband with your palm facing up, perform a bicep curl. Perform a bicep curl with palm facing downwards.


Stand with the elbow bent and perform a triceps extension, try not to move the elbow position throughout the exercise.


Perform with palm down and palm up.

Arm at side, palm facing towards body, raise arm up to the side.

Posterior Shoulder
Posterior Shoulder
Arm across body then raise arm out to the side, keeping the arm straight. For an alternative exercise change the arm angle taking the arm higher.

Rotator cuff

Internal Rotation
Stand with elbow at 90 degrees; keep the elbow close to the body. Take the arm across in front of you, maintaining the elbow in the same position.

External Rotation
Stand with your arm across the body with the elbow at 90 degrees. Keep the elbow close to the body at all times. Take the arm outwards.

Upper Back

Exercise 1
Stand with both hands holding the Theraband and pull back with both arms keeping the hands low. Keep the back straight and try to squeeze the shoulder blades together. Keep the elbows pointing straight back.

Exercise 2
Stand with the both hands holding the Theraband. Take the elbows up and out to the side keeping the hands in front of the body.

Sit on the floor with the Theraband in both hands and hooked around your feet. Keeping the back straight and elbows close to the body perform a row.

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