These exercises aim to improve the flexibility of the lower back and buttock region.


If you experience pain or discomfort during these exercises it is important to stop and seek further advice from KiropraktorCentrum.


Grasp the foot with the opposite hand and pull the foot towards the buttock until a stretch is felt in the thigh.
This can also be performed lying on your front pulling the leg towards the buttock.
Remember to keep your thigh in line with your torso as there is a tendency to flex the hip slightly. To make it easier use the same side hand to pull the leg or rest other hand on a chair for stability.

Hip Flexor

Kneel down with one leg in front of the other one. Shift your weight forwards until you feel your back leg stretch at the front of the thigh. Ensure you don’t twist as you come forward and keep you front ankle slightly in front of your knee. Be careful not to have the back hyper extended (arched).
You can also perform this with the back leg not touching the floor. Lean forward until you feel the front of the thigh stretch keeping the ankle slightly in front of the knee.

Side and Outer thigh

Stand with one foot crossed behind the other leg and the same side arm over the head. Bend away from that side. Do not twist the hips.

Outer Thigh and Back

Sit with one leg bent and crossed over the opposite straight leg.

Using the opposite arm place the elbow on the bent knee and twist slowly around keeping the back straight and turning the head with the body. Gently push the knee away from you with the elbow to feel more stretch in the outer hip.


Kneel down with one leg in front of the other. Rest your hands on the bent knee of the front leg and point your toes up towards the ceiling. Lean forward keeping the back straight. You will feel a stretch in the front leg at the back of the thigh.
To stretch the whole leg keep the front leg straight and place the hands on the hips then lean forwards.

Inner Thigh

Stand with feet wide apart. Place hands on one thigh and lean to the side while bending the knee. Stop when you feel a stretch in the opposite inner thigh.
To increase the stretch lean forward bending deeper into the stretch keeping the feet on the floor.
You can perform this exercise on the floor. Kneel on one leg with the opposite leg straight out to the side. Place hands on the floor in front of the bent knee and point toes upwards on the straight leg. Lean forwards to feel the stretch in the inner thigh.

Buttock Stretch

Lie on your back and grasp one knee and bring it towards your chest. If you don’t feel the stretch then bring your knee towards the opposite shoulder.

Piriformis Muscle

Lie on your back. Cross your ankle over the opposite leg so it rests on the opposite thigh. Place the hand on the bent knee and push it away from you until you feel a stretch in the outer hip and buttocks.
To increase the stretch reach through and pull up the uncrossed leg towards your chest. You will feel a stretch in the buttock of the crossed leg.

Side Stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Stretch one arm over the head and bend away from that side. Make sure your feet stay on the floor. Ensure you don’t twist the hips.

Back Stretch

Kneel on all fours and try to raise your back up towards the ceiling.

Calf Stretch

Standing with hands on a wall bend the front knee and take the other leg behind you keeping the toes pointed forwards and the leg straight. Lean with the bent knee until you feel a stretch in the back leg calf area. Keep the heel on the ground throughout.

You can also perform this stretch with the foot against a wall or step. Bend one leg and keep the opposite leg straight with the toes pointing up and resting on a wall. You will feel a stretch in the calf of the straight leg.

Proper Stretching Technique:

  • Perform balanced stretching. This means you should always stretch the muscles on both sides of your body evenly. Don't stretch one side more than the other side.
  • Always hold a stretch for 30 seconds.
  • Avoid over-stretching. Never stretch to the point of pain or discomfort. You will feel slight tension or a pull on the muscle at the peak of the stretch.
  • Go slow! Always stretch slowly, smoothly and evenly. Hold the stretch for about thirty seconds and release slowly as well.
  • Never bounce while stretching as this can cause injury as a muscle is pushed beyond its ability.
  • Don’t hold your breath while stretching. Flexibility exercises should be relaxing. Deep, easy and even breathing is the key to relaxation.

If you experience pain or discomfort during these exercises it is important to stop and seek further advice from KiropraktorCentrum.


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