When you ring to book an appointment at KiropraktorCentrum you will be greeted by Ninna or Jennifer. When you start as a patient with us you will come to meet these two attentive women who will greet you with a friendly smile and good humour.

With their help you will be able to find a suitable time and with acute problems they will always try to give you an appointment the same day. They maybe our two receptionists but they are also two people with many other interests and previously different jobs.


Before Ninna Möller started with us at KiropraktorCentrum she worked as a shop assistant with women’s clothes. She has also worked as a secretary and receptionist previously with both accountancy and wholesale companies.

Jennifer Fiedler has previously worked as a hairdresser, receptionist and in customerservice. She is passionate about interior design, artwork and painting which she does as a hobby.