Many women are unaware that those aches and pains associated with pregnancy can be relieved by chiropractic care.  Many women also find that their labour is shorter and experience less discomfort if they have received chiropractic care compared to previous pregnancies.

The changes that occur in the body during pregnancy put extra stress on the spine, pelvis and ligaments. As the centre of gravity changes with pregnancy so does the stress on the spine. This period of  rapid devolvement, laxity of ligaments, hormonal changes and the shifting of weight-bearing structures often causes pregnant women to experience low back and pelvic pain, pubic symphysis pain, hip pain and sciatica.

The hormone relaxin that the body releases to prepare the body for labour as well as increasing the laxity of the ligaments surrounding the pelvis it targets all the other joints, ligaments and muscles in the body. This makes pregnant women more susceptible to overstretching, injuries and pain.

"Chiropractic care allows the joints and muscles to move freely and the correct way"

Modified chiropractic adjustments for pregnant mother’s makes chiropractic safe and comfortable during pregnancy. Chiropractic care allows the joints and muscles to move freely and the correct way. Techniques are also used to help balance out the ligaments and connective tissues around the pelvis and low back allowing the growing baby to make use of all room available and to get into the best position for labour. Any joint restrictions or imbalances in the pelvis can cause the baby to lie in an abnormal position which makes labour more difficult and increases the need for medical interventions.


We here at KiropratorCentrum are experienced in treating pregnant women and have attended courses to increase our knowledge of care during pregnancy. In England chiropractic during pregnancy is very popular and we want to bring relief to many women suffering here with what people assume are a ‘normal’ part of pregnancy. 

Make sure you don’t spend 9 months suffering, pregnancy does not mean you cannot benefit from chiropractic care.

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