Lisa Ann was born in Perth, Scotland but raised in Hong Kong from the age of 2 years. After graduating from school at 18 she moved to England to study Chiropractic where she spent the next 5 years studying.

Lisa Ann completed a five year full-time undergraduate course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic graduating in 2003 with a First Class Honours degree, winning the prize for Highest Academic Achievement in her graduating class.

She has also completed post-graduate training to allow her to use acupuncture needles (dry needling) for pain relief in humans. Lisa Ann also has a special interest in caring for pregnant women, babies and small children.
After graduating from the AECC she spent the next 4 years working in her own chiropractic clinic and one other clinic where she developed her skills and passion for chiropractic.
Over the years, she has been greatly rewarded witnessing the enormous benefits of chiropractic care in her patients. Subsequently, she decided to apply her knowledge and skills to her first love - animals.
She graduated from the International Academy of Chiropractic (IAVC) in 2006. The IAVC courses are designed for professionals from both the veterinary and human chiropractic fields. The educational backgrounds of the two professions make up the foundation on which the course is built. The International Academy considers their curriculum to be the gold standard in the professions today and estimates to have trained well over 90% of all the professionals (vets and chiropractors) who have taken post-graduate animal chiropractic training worldwide.

Lisa Ann moved to Goteborg, Sweden in August 2007 after she and her husband, also a chiropractor, took over KiropraktorCentrum in central Goteborg. Lisa Ann is one of a few IAVC certified animal chiropractors in Sweden. “By treating animals with natural, non-invasive adjustments, I believe I have finally found my niche in life”.