Situated in the beautiful city of Gothenburg, KiropraktorCentrum was established in 1995 and is a chiropractic clinic offering chiropractic treatment of the highest quality for those living in Gothenburg and western Sweden. The chiropractors working at the clinic are registered with the socialstyrelsen and have completed a 5 year international accredited chiropractic educational degree. They also have special interests within the chiropractic profession and have undertaken further professional training and education in other areas of chiropractic.


KiropraktorCentrums Vision: To be the most successful and respected chiropractic clinic in the Gothenburg area Väntrummetgiving quality treatment and care to our patients. Chiropractic looks at the person as a whole rather than just your symptoms with a focus on the joints, nervous system and muscles. We would like to provide the benefits of chiropractic treatment to everyone to make you feel great and maintain an active healthy life for both you and your family.

Health is vital for life. Here at KiropraktorCentrum we have many happy, satisfied and healthier patients of all ages. Chiropractic care is excellent for everyone - from newborns to the elderly.

KiropraktorCentrums Goals: To provide pain relief and improve the well being of our patients.
Through our knowledge, interests and continual chiropractic education we can understand and take care of our patients various problems. Through chiropractic treatment, personal and individual care we can help you have a healthier and active life.

The majority of patients have one and the same goal - to get rid of their symptoms, quickly. Through chiropractic treatment we can help you on the right road to health by finding the root of the problem causing your symptoms. It is also important that patients take part in their care and health and the chiropractors at KiropraktorCentrum can give you the means to do this.

We work towards a healthier Sweden with healthier people as we all deserve to lead a fit and active life.

KiropraktorCentrums Achievements: The vast majority of our patients have confirmed an improved quality of life after their chiropractic treatments.
Most people seek our help when the pain becomes too much or the symptoms just don’t go away – reactive treatment.

..chiropractic clinic offering chiropractic treatment of the highest quality

There are also people who would like our help in order to prevent problems developing – proactive treatment.
When you seek our help we will tell you what the examination means, how we can help you and how long it can take. We always aim to get you to the highest level of fitness and health possible.

Our hope is that people do not conform to the norm of today’s society which is to leave problems and only seek help after the problem begins. Society associates health with being symptom free. When the symptoms start then one seeks help. It is our view that it is better to prevent the problem before the symptoms start. Prevention is always easier and better than cure. Proactive treatments can be beneficial and prevent minor problems developing into major problems.     

It is your body, your health and your future. We chiropractors at KiropraktorCentrum in Gothenburg work towards giving you better health, whether it is chiropractic care for well-being or chiropractic care for pain relieve.

We are here for you and to give you the best chiropractic care there is.