We at Kiropraktorcentrum hope you have had an enjoyable summer and feel relaxed and ready for the autumn. Our aim at KiropraktorCentrum is to help you, your family and friends continue the year pain free and healthy.

Autumn is a good time to focus on improving your health and fitness to avoid getting the cold when the temperature begins to drop and influenza starts to spread. If you are thinking of improving your fitness then remember that you need to keep your back and stomach strong too! Exercise, particularly those focused on improving core stability, coordination and balance are vital for a strong healthy back and reducing injury in the body. A common cause of muscle injury is weak and unstable core muscles. Don’t forget that you can find lots of valuable information regarding exercises and stretches on our website.

Some of you might be considering joining a gym or using your gym more. Maybe you have already increased your training and have developed some pain in your back, shoulders or knees. Maybe you are thinking of buying some new trainers and hitting the streets or forests or is this the year you are planning your first marathon?

Whatever your health goals are, remember that chiropractic can help improve your core stability and help maintain a strong and healthy spine. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help improve the function of the joints in the body as well as releasing tension in the muscles.

Remember kids can suffer from weak core muscles too. The abdominal and back muscles are used far less when sitting or lounging – the postures that a lot of children adopt these days with school, computers and video games.

If you would like to learn more or need advice on exercise or stretches you can look at our website, kiropraktorcentrum.com, where you will find plenty of information on stability exercises and how to stretch your muscles.

If you are suffering from pain or an injury or you would just like a health check, please contact us at Kiropraktorcentrum, so we have the possibility to help you feel as good possible!